18 Feb, 2020: Orientation Session

Wondering what Extinction Rebellion is all about? This is a crash course on the movement’s origins and impacts so far, its Demands and Principles, how the organization is structured, and the many opportunities to pitch in and get involved. This orientation starts from the assumption that you know that climate change and the mass extinctionContinue reading “18 Feb, 2020: Orientation Session”

18 Jan, 2020: Outreach at the Mall

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Hillcrest Mall Flyers and clipboards in front of the mall. Talking with our fellow Richmond-Hillians about the climate emergency, and signing them up. People know that we’re in a climate emergency, our governments aren’t acting, and it’s a problem; but they don’t know what to do about it. That’s whereContinue reading “18 Jan, 2020: Outreach at the Mall”

9 Jan, 2020: Bi-weekly meeting

7:30 to 9:00 PM. “The Loft” meeting room, 2nd floor, Longo’s, 9306 Bathurst St, Maple, ON. Location notes: If you can’t find it, ask at Customer Service. No outside food or bev (reusable water bottle okay), but you can buy a snack from this Longo’s and bring it upstairs to share. 🙂 Come by if you’dContinue reading “9 Jan, 2020: Bi-weekly meeting”

XR Fire Sale: Dec. 15th, 2019

Let’s spread the word in Richmond Hill! On a crisp and sunny Sunday morning (we promise), we will bring out our new giant banner to wave it at cars and distribute leaflets to surprised shoppers. Not enough of our neighbours know we’re in a climate crisis. Not enough know that Extinction Rebellion is here toContinue reading “XR Fire Sale: Dec. 15th, 2019”